Meet me in Montauk

October 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Isn’t it funny how life asks you the same questions over and over again? It’s really hard to answer, when you feel like you haven’t got much to answer with. It’s paradox, because you’ve learnt so much in those past years and a lot has changed. But somehow not, because the core of the feeling, the core of your thoughts are still the same. And you don’t understand life any better, or people for that matter. Still, what’s the point of giving up, of getting bitterer. As those questions reappear, everything else does too. Feelings will change for the better, thoughts will seem worthwhile again, people will make you happy and then upset again, you’ll build yourself up to fall apart again and then stand up again. And as dull as it may sound, it’s been worth it so far, every time. Even if you just moved an inch, looking back. It’s OK! (And there might be more Montauks than you think. Well hopefully.)


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